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SharePoint 2013 Special Services

SharePoint 2013 is here! Are you ready? Let us help with get answers to your SharePoint 2013 questions.

Sharepoint 2013 in a Day

Upgrade 2010 to 2013

Migration Service

Education Sessions

Round up your SharePoint team and get an in-depth understanding of the key features of SharePoint 2013 in a day. This live 6-hour session is broken into three two-hour segments (completed in one day.).

We highly recommend this to anyone planning a SharePoint 2013 deployment. This education session includes presentations, screen shots, live demos, and discussions.

A free 14-day SharePoint 2013 virtual machine is included!

Can be done over webex or in person.

Cost: $1,200 plus travel

(travel limited to US only)

Thinking of upgrading to SharePoint 2013? Why not let us do it for you? We understand SharePoint!

Find out how we can get you there.

Free Farm documentation

just for contacting us


Why choose us for your SharePoint 2013 needs?

Because: SharePoint 2013 is here! And the reviews are in...having a SharePoint 2013 portal is a winning proposition! Many totally new SharePoint 2013 features are present that were never there in SharePoint 2010 like SharePoint 2013 document management and brand new SharePoint templates 2013, a redesigned SharePoint 2013 intranet template, and new compelling features in their SharePoint 2013 project management template free. A SharePoint 2013 intranet is like SharePoint 2010 on steroids because of these great SharePoint 2013 templates. SharePoint Foundation 2013 is a great piece of technology and some of the best SharePoint sites will be been made on it. Even SharePoint branding has been enhanced compared to SharePoint Branding 2010.


Because: SharePoint 2013 features include higher performance and a more intuitive navigation. If you call us, we can demonstrate this for you with our SharePoint 2013 demo and our SharePoint 2013 intranet examples.

Because: You'll be surprised to know how much of a leap SharePoint 2013 is over SharePoint 2010. SharePoint templates 2013 are designed with productivity in mind. The SharePoint 2013 intranet template is much more feature rich. SharePoint 2013 Foundation features new advances like the task timeline. Foundation 2013 itself has many new things that customers were clamoring for in SharePoint 2010 and Microsoft listened! We wouldn't be surprised if the best SharePoint sites to come will be on this new platform.


Because: Ask us to give you a great SharePoint 2013 demo. We'll show all the latest and greatest SharePoint 2013 features like SharePoint 2013 document management. We have servers set up to show off our SharePoint 2013 intranet examples. Then it'll be clear why a SharePoint 2013 portal is something beyond compelling!


Because: A SharePoint 2013 intranet is great way to proceed if for no other reason than SharePoint branding (which is light years beyond SharePoint branding 2010). And you have to check out a SharePoint 2013 project management template free!

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