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Exclusive 2013 Services

Experienced resources

Business & technical.

We all know having the right people for the job is critical. Our consultants & developers build commercial SharePoint products. All of our projects go through a design review and by using our Agile methodology and shorter build cycles, we put you in control of your custom SharePoint solution.

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Affordable rates

Monthly or hourly.

Our SharePoint consulting rates are suprisingly affordable! By keeping our rates flat, we can provide the right resource for the job without compromising on the budget. We also provide monthly long term rates for dedicated resources if needed.

Agile Approach

Project Visibility

We have developed a SCRUM approach to our SharePoint implementations. Internally, we build all our products using the Agile/Scrum approach and we are happy to pass all that we have learned onto our clients. From day one, you will be in control of your project. Our client portal that allows for superior communication, collaboration and much more. Learn more about how we do things.


Why go with us for your SharePoint consulting needs?

Have you been looking around for SharePoint consultants and are wondering what qualities to look for in a firm? Here's why you might consider us:

Because: If you look at our Intranet examples at http://sharepoint01.sharepointimplemented.com and also on CloudShare, you'll see that we do high quality work. Our SharePoint developers constructed it over a long period of time and they have gotten a tremendous grasp of SharePoint 2010 (SharePoint Foundation 2010, SharePoint Standard 2010, and SharePoint Enterprise 2010), and they have been very busy porting it to SharePoint 2013.


Because: We truly have the best SharePoint portal on the market today. If you need features that we don't have, ask us about our SharePoint consulting packages to make our SharePoint software work to your specifications. We have already done so much for clients in the form of enhancing their template (Intranet template, department template, SharePoint project management template), document sharing in SharePoint (like a dropbox SharePoint), branding SharePoint, upgrading to Microsoft SharePoint 2013, etc.


Because: SharePoint 2010 Foundation is Microsoft's free version of SharePoint. Our Intranet templates and SharePoint web parts work on it as well as the other versions of SharePoint. Our SharePoint templates 2013 will be ready by the time Microsoft releases their commercial version (of SharePoint Foundation 2013 and other versions) in Q1 of 2013.


Because: Branding SharePoint is complex. We've done a lot of work in this arena so you can just point and click. Our stuff works on SharePoint Foundation 2010 (the free version of SharePoint) and is compatible with SharePoint 2013 (SharePoint Foundation 2013). Our native SharePoint 2013 version will be released in Q1 of 2013. Our document sharing in SharePoint is second to none. What is SharePoint -- it's a collaboration system and we've taken it to levels of excellence!

Because: If you take a look at many SharePoint intranets that exist in corporations today, they are bland. That's because SharePoint templates out of the box are bland. Many customers ask themselves what is SharePoint without an appealing look and feel? Even if it's functional but no one uses the intranet software because it's so unappealing, what's the point? That's what we said. It has to be functional and user friendly and appealing to the eye. Our SharePoint 2010 branding app (and soon to be released SharePoint 2013 branding app) is second to none. Ask us for a demo and we'll show you our SharePoint 2010 branding CSS and SharePoint 2010 branding templates.


Because: With so many intranet examples out there on the market, and so many SharePoint web parts to choose from (for Intranet templates, departments, and SharePoint project management), it can be a bit confusing to know which direction to go. Since your intranet software is a large investment in time, you want to make sure your SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013 environments get adopted well by your staff and your company. SharePoint consultants number in the thousands, but don't trust just anyone. Make sure they have many SharePoint intranets under their belt and that their SharePoint consulting experience spans many years. Our SharePoint developers are true gurus and have personally developed many SharePoint templates for plenty of customers.


Because: Whether you are using Microsoft SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint 2010, we've got you covered. We've built products for SharePoint 2010 Foundation, Standard, and Enterprise. We've built SharePoint 2010 branding solutions (with completely custom SharePoint 2010 branding CSS and SharePoint 2010 branding templates. We've built document sharing in SharePoint solutions (like dropbox SharePoint). Come check out our SharePoint templates 2013!

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