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Cool SharePoint 2010 Custom Top Navigation

SharePoint Implemented's Intranet offers a custom Top Navigation here. This is fully customizable, works across site collections and the best thing is, it's available with SharePoint Foundation. It uses its own list from which it displays this. So for example, for right now, if I wanted to go back and add the HR Department as the first one in the drop down, let me show you how easy it is to do here. Just go into Site Actions, view All Site Content, go into the list in question and simply add an item here. If we want to add it under Departments, whose ID is 1, we'll give this a title and give it a unique ID. The position that this is going to have is going to be 1. The Parent ID, I want it under Departments, whose ID is also 1, and the URL is going to be that (shown in video) and the display name, that's going to be shown is that (shown in video). And just like that, I've been able to now add on the first drop down a link to the department site, the Human Resources Department site.

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Nice Image & Banner Rotator Web Part by SharePoint Implemented

Another great feature about the SharePoint Implemented Intranet is that you can easily change the branding here. For example, simply go to view All Site Content and go to the Top Banner library. In this case we are going to upload a file of our choice, a different banner, and we're going to rotate it. We'll call it Christmas sale, give it a link and we're done. It’s set right now to rotate every 5 seconds and you can see that by going to the Home Page, here comes the first banner and in few seconds it will rotate out to the other banner that we just put in with a link to that. That’s how easy it is for your Marketing Department to add a theme.

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Nice and Simple SharePoint 2010 Intranet Search

One of my favorite features at SharePoint Implemented is the “I would like to” page. The “I would like to” page takes a lot of different information and makes it easy for the user to find it. For example, you could Find Applications, it already lists that it found 4 or you could browse FAQs, you could read Policies and Procedures, you could Fill Out Forms, or you could even Search Documents. So very easily by typing in, say the word time, I could narrow the search down and see that there is a Time Off Policy, there is a Time Tracking application and there is a First Time event in the system. This is how easy it is to find information. All of these are totally customizable. For example, I could go into one of these web parts, lets say Policies and Procedures and based on our architecture, we can search a content type, which is what we are doing in this case and it is a Policy or Procedure. We could search Reports or anything else. We could also search our own sites that carry information to provide information for applications etc or projects. So this is a very powerful web part or series of web parts and a page that allows for great user experience.

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Good Looking SharePoint 2010 Department Template by SharePoint Implemented

One of the key features of SharePoint Implemented's Intranet is its site templates. Let me show you its department site template. It all starts with site governance. If I click on the Departments tab, I will see all the sites that I have access to and all the department sites that I have access to. In this case we want to go to the HR site. This is a standard department site template. It has got a Top Banner that can be customized. It has got a Contact Information web part to show the key contact and their title, Announcements web part which shows all latest announcements that are coming up, a Calendar web part that’s branded, Links web part, Public Documents and a whole slew of different views for web parts and lists that are tabbed to show easy access. It has also got a customized Left Link. Let me show how easy it is to change the Top Banner and the Contact Information list.

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Simple SharePoint 2010 Intranet Calendar Rollup by SharePoint Implemented

Our Calender web part rolls up events from different sites. For example, the HR weekly meeting is coming from the HR subsite. Not only does this Calendar web part have a powerful roll up flexibility but also has built in user experience and branding. For example, you see that this is stretching down below and is not aligned to the Announcements web part. That’s because it is showing 6 rows. If you wanted to limit it to 5 rows, we would simply go here, Edit Page, go into the edit view of the Calendar, go into Custom Properties and here we can see all the different custom properties. We can change the title, the icon that we want to have, the number of characters it displays so there is no wrap around. In this case, we are going to limit it to 5 and see how it lines up after we do that and stop editing the page and voila, it's all lined up and looks great.

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SharePoint 2010 Global Top Navigation

Thanks for checking out this video about SharePoint Implemented's Global Top Navigation. Let's get right to into it.

Let's say I'm the IT guy and I get a request from my manager to add the Finance Department link to the Top Navigation bar of the Intranet right underneath Human Resources & Sales. At first I say to myself, uh oh, I'll have to the add that link to every site collection one by one. But then I remember that this product has a major enhancement. With a change to 1 simple list, the Global Top Nav will change on EVERY wep app, site collection, and site. Let me show you what I mean.

This is the master list which is called xNav. Notice that Human Resources and Sales have their own TopID's but their ParentID is Departments TopID. To make Finance fall under Departments, I just make it's ParentID 500 as well. If I add that row, then....well, let's just see what happens.

I guess that worked. Wow. Simple, right? But what if certain site collections don't want the Finance department showing up on their Nav Bar. That's totally doable. Check out this slide.

Here, we see 4 site collections: Main, HR, Sales, and Finance. In the config file, Main & HR are mapped to the DEFAULT xNav List whereas Sales & Finance are mapped to a special one. I wish everything in my life were this simple!

Thanks for tuning in. Check out www.sharepointimplemented.com for more details. Goodbye.

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SharePoint 2010 Top Banner Rotator

Thanks for checking out this video about SharePoint Implemented's Top Banner Rotator web part. Let's jump right in.

Let's say I'm an admin and the VP says he likes the banner on the home page which has our company logo on it, but he wants a second banner that shows the company slogan. And they should rotate back and forth. What I didn't tell him was that this functionality is absent in default SharePoint but is provided in the enhancements that we purchased from SharePoint Implemented.

I'm on the configuration page and here's the picture of the first banner that's already present. And now all I have to do is upload the picture the VP wants which for the 2nd banner. It's cool because I can put in many banners if he wants.

Now I can play with it's settings, like change the title that appears in front of the banner and I can even set the URL destination when a user click on the banner. How cool is that?

On this screen, I can even play with the timing between pictures. Let's see how that looks now.

And there we have it... 2 banners rotating! You know, I think I'll tell the VP that I built this rotating banner thing myself so that my performance review at the end of the year comes out better than last year. Oh yeah, I'm definitely doing that!

Thanks for tuning in. Check out www.sharepointimplemented.com for more details. Goodbye.

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