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Quick Deployment

> Lay out your company's Intranet Home Site with the web parts that make sense for you. See it Now

> Check out our famous point & click branding app.

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> Department/Project templates allow for greater efficiency, collaboration, and accountability...all with a consistent look and rich functionality!

- Departments: See it Now

- Projects: See it Now

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Rich Functionality

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> Employee Bundle of web parts: Employee Lookup, Employee Spotlight, Directory, Birthdays, and Anniversaries.

> Rollup/Aggregate all calendar events and announcements from across the intranet onto this single web part (e.g., from Department and Project sites).

> Document management using a familiar interface -- looks like windows explorer!

> Don't manage your own tasks/issues via email! There's a better way with SharePoint lists. That's forwarding collaboaration!

> Much more... Check out our product sheet for details (see link on right).

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> Unlimited licensing. Pay once and install as many times as you need!

> Our Software Assurance package (paid once a year) provides free updates, free upgrades, and offers you a few support calls per year. A must have!

> Need something else? Deployment help? Training? Custom development? Ask about our affordable packages.

> Promotional offers/discounts vary monthly. Ask what we can give you!


> Do you have any hosted solutions?

At the present time, we do not.

> I like certain web parts and templates. Are they available as a separate purchase?

At the present moment, we only sell IBX as a whole package.

> What if I already have SharePoint 2013 running. Can I still install IBX?

The answer is yes. Some thought is required, so please give us a call first and we can assist you.

> If we have SharePoint 2007 or SharePoint 2010, can we upgrade to SharePoint 2013?

Yes, but rearchitecture is a good idea in many cases. Call us for help.


Why should you consider IBX as your SharePoint intranet solution?

At SharePoint Implemented, we offer you the best SharePoint Intranet around at a very modest price.


Our SharePoint intranet runs on SharePoint 2013 Foundation, SharePoint Server and SharePoint Enterprise.


SharePoint 2013 Foundation is the free version of SharePoint which means that with our amazing intranet software, you no longer have to worry about any additional licensing costs!


At SharePoint Implemented, we know that it’s generally not easy to deploy a SharePoint intranet which is why our SharePoint services include not only the design and deployment of your intranet software, but also the training of your staff so that the entire SharePoint 2013 adoption process becomes as simple as possible.


Our SharePoint 2013 portal is up and running in a couple of weeks time. This SharePoint 2013 portal comes with our incredibly simple and ready to use SharePoint templates 2013.

These SharePoint templates 2013 include an intranet template, department template and a SharePoint project management template.

The intranet template which is a part of our SharePoint 2013 templates forms the home site page for your SharePoint 2013 portal.

In addition to the intranet template, our department template gives you the option of having separate sites for each of the departments in your company to collaborate and communicate on.

Our SharePoint project management template makes the entire SharePoint project management process much more organized and structured and helps you monitor the status and progress of your company’s projects.

In addition to these awesome features, our intranet software also now offers our new SharePoint forms and SharePoint business process templates. Be sure to check them out!

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