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SharePoint 2013 Intranet Template

Hi everyone, we've all been playing around with SharePoint 2013 and it's definitely a step up from SharePoint 2010. It's faster, it has some extra features, and it looks a bit better. A definite thumbs up for Microsoft.

Given that SharePoint is very list oriented, Microsoft decided to use a list oriented approach for the page designs. As you can see in this sample, that works from a functional point of view, but in our opinion, this is unremarkable from the user's perspective. We at SharePoint Implemented took a different approach. We feel that SharePoint should look like a modern, web 2.0 website. And here it is! We call it IBX. It installs right on top of your existing SharePoint 2013 deployment which can be either Foundation, Standard, or Enterprise.

The page itself is broken up with web parts on a central canvas, on top of a matte, which is against a background shown here. Everything can be styled using our point and click branding app which I'll show you in a minute. All of the web parts in IBX have been designed with the user's experience in mind. We feel that functionality is only half of the game to keep user's engaged. The style is the other half and must be pleasing.

For example, our global top navigation bar is animated. Links still display in a list, but the layout with icons is really nice. The CEO message web part is balanced just right. The calendar and announcement rollup web parts aggregate data from across the entire farm and display in a format that is eye-catching. And I can say similar things about the employee contribution web part, the weather web part, the anniversaries web part and the birthdays web part.

We have many more web parts and 4 other templates besides this one, but this video's focus is primarily on this intranet home page template. I do want to show you very briefly the branding app since it is probably one of the favorite features of our customers. You get to it from here and I already have it open in another tab.

You can use the branding app to style any part of the intranet you want from the background to the web parts themselves. You can even change the page width up here. It's currently set to 85% but you could easily make it 50% or 80% or even 100%. I won't show you anymore about the branding app, so please check out our other videos to learn more about this topic.

So now the question is how do you get your hands on this thing to play with it? We do offer a free 60-day trial which can be accessed at our website at sharepointimplemented.com. If you click here on the download now button, that will download it and you just follow the steps shown in the All In One Guide to install, configure, and personalize the product on your server. It's a good guide but I would recommend you download it and then call us to help you set it up...you'll save time and I'll get you over the learning curve super fast and I'll answer all of your questions. That's a free service we offer with no obligation to buy. Click on the contact link up to get a hold of us via email or phone or skype.

If you want to play with the working example that I was just going through, click on the demo button here. Or if you want to read more about it first, click on the learn more button here.

Keep in mind that we have the equivalent product in SharePoint 2010 so you have that option as well. Thanks so much for tuning and definitely check out our stie which has lots of good resources for you to make your SharePoint 2013 intranet project a success. Goodbye....

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