What is SharePoint?

The main question that enters the mind of a first time user is ‘What is SharePoint?’. SharePoint is a platform for users within a company to share and manage their data, information, documents and ideas. Communication, document sharing and storage, and administrative control are all made more effective with SharePoint. SharePoint also allows integration with MS Office and Windows, so you can continue to use all the programs you’re already familiar with.

A big plus point of our SharePoint Intranet is that it runs on SharePoint Foundation, which is the free version of SharePoint. Thus, the worry of having to pay additional licensing costs disappears!

Click on the links below to visit our SharePoint Intranet site example and view our live SharePoint 2010 demo or download our 60 day free trial of 'IBX'.

SharePoint Foundation 2010

Along with the fact that it is free, there is a big list of SharePoint Foundation 2010 features that many companies find perfect for their use. SharePoint Foundation 2010 features include everything from ease of accessibility to connections to MS Office programs to mobile connectivity to permissions management, just to name a few.

> Project Management

SharePoint Foundation 2010 allows you to effectively manage your time by coordinating both individual and team activities. Sharing and accessing documents is done easily and quickly using these SharePoint Foundation 2010 features. User permissions can also be controlled on these documents or even across entire sites. Project tasks can be also be monitored and shared with the entire team in SharePoint 2010.

> Information and Content Management

Using this feature of SharePoint Foundation 2010, you can now easily integrate Microsoft Office into your own SharePoint 2010 Portal. Thus, you can continue to use MS Office programs you are already accustomed to such as Excel and Word.

> Accessibility

Your SharePoint 2010 Portal is also accessible to you from anywhere in the world. Thus you can have access to all the information and documents you require no matter where you are. This is a very attractive feature of SharePoint Foundation 2010.

> Sharing and Communication

SharePoint Foundation can be used a means of sharing useful information and ideas both easily and quickly. Documents can be collaborated on and checked out, blogs can be written, discussions may be held and surveys may be taken using the SharePoint Foundation 2010 Communities features.

> Administrative Control

Effective administrative control can be exercised using the SharePoint Foundation 2010 features. You are able to limit the number of users per site and sites per server as well as set limits on the storage and monitor security options within your SharePoint 2010 Portal.

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