What is a SharePoint portal?

A web portal is a platform on which information and ideas can be brought together from different sources and presented to its users.

A SharePoint intranet portal therefore is a tool which is used by oragnizations for the effective collaboration and management of information, data and ideas. Employee participation and engagement is increased and users are kept up to date with what is going on at the company. SharePoint makes the tasks of project and process management easier.

IBX -- Our SharePoint 2010 portal

With all the other Sharepoint intranet examples available, thank you for checking out our SharePoint 2010 Portal. Our product, IBX, is a ready-to-go intranet which makes the entire SharePoint experience more user friendly. With 40 SharePoint web parts and features that you won't find in SharePoint, such as department site template, you’ll find that IBX is the best SharePoint intranet in terms of both price and functionality. Click here to learn more about IBX features.

Click here to see a video on our Amazing Intranet which is the best SharePoint Portal available.

Why us?

> A portal in minutes

We say our product is the best SharePoint intranet because it makes the deployment process of an entire Intranet simple and quick. A ready to go SharePoint 2010 Portal is obtained using our powerful installer app in no time at all. Our SharePoint templates 2010 provide you with a feature rich Home Site, using our intranet template, as well as allow you to create your own project and department sites using our project and department templates.

> No licensing costs

Our product has no licensing costs. Not only that, it can also run on SharePoint Foundation 2010 which is the free version of SharePoint 2010. Also, many companies find the SharePoint Foundation 2010 features, well suited for them. These are more reasons why our SharePoint 2010 portal is the best SharePoint portal as compared to the other SharePoint intranet site examples out there.

> 40 web parts

Our product also comes with 40 SharePoint web parts that are frequently requested by intranet users and help enhance the SharePoint user experience, thus making our product the best SharePoint portal available. A top banner can help display important announcements and information. An employee recognition web part showcases your employees’ achievements along with their picture and a message which is a big morale booster. Apart from these, many other web parts are available including a Global Top Nav, Employee Directory, CEO Message, Weather, etc. For a full list of our web parts, click here.

> Easy user adoption

Through our branding app and SharePoint templates 2010, the adoption process of SharePoint is made simple. Our SharePoint templates 2010 consist of intranet templates, project site templates and department templates. These make SharePoint easier to use and enhance the user experience.

To try out a SharePoint intranet site example and live SharePoint 2010 demo or SharePoint 2013 demo, visit http://spe13.sharepointimplemented.com or create your own intranet templates by downloading our 14 day free trial by clicking here.

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> Administrative Control

Effective administrative control can be exercised using the SharePoint Foundation 2010 features. You are able to limit the number of users per site and sites per server as well as set limits on the storage and monitor security options within your SharePoint 2010 Portal.